Young Women Lead – Final Report Released

The Young Women Lead Report

After three committee meetings, the final step in the Young Women Lead programme was to present the report to the Scottish Government. Some of the young women attended First Minister’s Questions on 31st May and presented everything that we have learnt and developed over the last few months, supported by Linda Fabiani MSP.

This is a really exciting step for all of us in getting our voices heard and raising issues that are important to us, and I would like to thank all of the parliamentary team for being so supportive and helpful during our time at Holyrood. We’ve had lots of research and guidance to help us in our investigation, and I hope that the findings can be used to improve the lives of young women and girls across Scotland. In this year of #MeToo and women stepping forward, it’s been very exciting to be a part of a group which is making a really positive change.

Hannah Forsyth

Young Women Lead Final Report