Hannah Forsyth and Young Women Lead attend third Parliamentary Committee Meeting

On Friday 18th May, I joined the rest of the Young Women Lead team for our third and final committee meeting in the Scottish Parliament building.

Anyone who has been following this blog series might be thinking at the moment that we seem to spend a lot of our time in committee meetings. And yes, we do, but it’s where most of the really important decisions are made, as well as a good chance to sit down as a team and assess what we’ve achieved, and where we want to go next. (It’s also a good chance to go and sit in some of the stunning committee rooms on the top floor of the Parliament building and enjoy the views of Holyrood Park…)

In this particular meeting, we had the chance to meet with and question civil servants about what they thought of our report, as part of an ongoing dialogue with the government. In the previous session, we had put together the report with recommendations for solving the problem of sexual harassment that faces thousands of women and girls in Scottish schools. The parliament clerks had written this up as a report, and the government had issued a response.

During the live committee session, we were able to explore the problems in greater detail and ask the people who worked in the sector what they thought of our ideas, as well as their views on the issue as a whole. This was really valuable, and went alongside our own evidence as guidance on how to find a solution. We then finalised our report, which will be released to the public soon.

I’d really recommend attending Parliamentary committee sessions, particularly for issues that you feel passionate about. It can help to unpack what the government is actually doing to tackle issues, as well as the different solutions that are being proposed. In the meantime, stay tuned for the final blog post of the series…

Hannah Forsyth