Hannah Forsyth sits on Parliamentary Committee Meeting with Young Women Lead

On Friday 20th April, the Young Women Lead team met again in Parliament for our second committee meeting. This time, we were discussing the findings of our own researchers, and deciding on an action plan.

I was lucky enough to be sat at the table for this committee, which meant that I was able to put questions to the different evidence panels about what they had discovered. The topic we were tackling was Violence Against Women and Girls in Schools, a difficult and often controversial topic as it requires challenging education bodies on what they are doing to keep their pupils safe.

Led through the committee by Linda Fabiani MSP, we were able to really get to grips with the evidence provided and draw conclusions and recommendations from it. The ideas that we developed will be put to the Scottish Government in a report, which will hopefully have an impact on how they deal with the issue in future – stay tuned to see what changes they are able to bring in!

I really enjoyed the committee experience, and am looking forward to our final session where we can talk to government officials about the process, and how our ideas and plans can fit into how Scotland is governed. You can catch the whole livestream here, and keep following YWCA Scotland for further updates.

Hannah Forsyth