Jemima Levick celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

On this International Women’s Day 2018 I can’t help but reflect on the past year and how the debate surrounding gender equality and unacceptable sexual harassment has dominated the headlines.

I am pleased that we at Stellar Quines have embraced the debates and campaigns and raised awareness with our #Respectis Campaign and #MeToo updates and resources. No woman should have to endure any form of sexual harassment and we must encourage everyone to call out unacceptable behaviour.

It has been heartening, as we celebrate International Women’s Day to see the film and theatre industry come together to show the world that we stand as one in this debate.

Stellar Quines has had another successful year where we started by launching the Drama Shelf at Glasgow Women’s Library last March and then went on to work in association with the National Theatre of Scotland on The 306: Day which told the stories of the women left behind at home while their men fought in WWI. I was honoured to direct this production and to tell the stories of these women.

In August we produced The Last Queen of Scotland – Jaimini Jethwa’s story of her family and their expulsion from Uganda by Idi Amin ending up in Dundee! It was hard hitting and told a story not often heard and was extremely relevant in today’s immigration crisis. In January we collaborated with Scottish Dance Theatre to bring our own sensual stage adaptation of Marguerite Duras’ novel The Lover, in a fusion of dance and theatre to the Lyceum.

Today – on International Women’s Day – we open Bingo! a glorious musical comedy where women come together in the bingo hall to share their stories with pals and seek love and support from other women. We’ve all been there and this production shows the strength of women when they pull together no matter what happens.

In 2018 Stellar Quines will continue to celebrate the stories of women and girls and to encourage women to work in the arts and fight for gender equality in the workplace. We are also excited to be developing a Creative Learning Programme that is the beginning of a new tranche of work that reaches out to more women and girls across Scotland.

Jemima Levick, Artistic Director