Scottish Field – TV stars to tour in new Scottish stage comedy

Two Scottish theatre companies are collaborating in new musical comedy which is touring the country.

Grid Iron and Stellar Quines theatre companies come together to create Bingo!, a new musical comedy empowering women, writes Stacey Wylie.

Starring both stage and screen names including Louise McCarthy from ScotSquad and Two Doors Down, Wendy Seagar, Barbara Rafferty from River City and Rab C Nesbitt, Jo Freer, Darren Brownlie and Still Game’s Isa, Jane McCarry, Bingo! includes an original soundtrack by Alan Penman.

Bingo! will run from 6 March to 21 April.

The story, co-written by Anita Vettesse and Johnny McKnight follows protagonist Daniella during one crucial night at the bingo. She needs that house prize and if her card doesn’t allow it, she will have to take a different route.

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