Meet Laura Laria – Lighting Design Placement for The Lover



Work experience – 11th of December 2017 – 22nd of January 2018

My name is Laura Laria; I come from a wee city in the middle of Spain. I moved to Edinburgh almost 2 years ago and I am currently studying HND Technical Theatre at Edinburgh College. Recently I was pleased to have the opportunity to do a work experience with Stellar Quines during the production of The Lover, performed last month at The Lyceum.

The play was a sweet but intense story where the contemporary dance and the acting were mixed by the voice of the principal actress.

I wanted to work with Stellar Quines because I was reading about them at College and about the principles they follow to create a company headed by women and to empower us to create and participate in an equal industry. I, as a female student who is looking to work in the creative industry, and as a feminist, I think this is the way forward, either on artistic or leading roles or on technical one. Most of all in the technician side of the theatre where generally the 80% are males.

My role was to do shadowing of Emma Jones, the Lighting Designer of the production. From late December I attended production meetings and was introduced to the whole artistic and technical team, including actors and dancers, Lyceum’s technicians and managers and the Scottish Dance Theatre team. It’s pretty complex to understand how a production that involves three different companies work in unison to create such a beautiful piece and to understand where the work of each one starts and finishes.

Of course, I learnt about the wide world of theatre lighting. Emma had the patience to explain to me step by step the process that she followed, which was really interesting because next year I would like to specialise on Lighting Design. It is crazy how many hours the technical team spends on stage, rigging, focusing or plotting lights to make the impressive set and costume design look perfect and to make the actresses, actors and dancers bright on stage. Every detail showed in the result of the production and I was pleased I could assist with the show – it was brilliant.

To sum up, I want to thank all the Stellar Quines team for the opportunity and the good work you do.

Laura Laria