Hannah Forsyth attends YWCA/YPeople merger event at Scottish Parliament

I was delighted to attend the YWCA/YPeople merger event at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 1st February as part of the Young Women Lead programme. A large number of the programme members managed to attend (even battling cancelled ferries and adverse weather to attend!) and it was wonderful to see the Parliament building packed full of excited young women.

What made the event particularly exciting was the fact that earlier that day, Scottish Parliament had passed a momentous new law offering more protection to domestic abuse victims, many of whom are vulnerable young women. Gail Martin, Gail Ross and numerous other MSPs who had voted for the legislation gave speeches at the reception, encouraging both the YWCA and YPeople to step out and help build a country they are proud of.

Rounding out the evening, there was a fantastic performance from Beldina Odenyo (she performs under the name Heir of the Cursed and is well worth looking out for online and at live performances). As one of YWCA’s 30 Under 30, it was great to see her performing in such a famous building – here’s hoping that we hear lots more from the rest of the 30 Under 30 ladies in 2018. For me, it was a real privilege to be in the same room as all of these inspiring young people, and I can’t wait for the rest of the Young Women Lead programme to kick off!