Meet Jackie Crichton, one of our new Board Pioneers

I love literature, work in theatre and am a feminist. It didn’t take me long to find Stellar Quines.

The first Stellar Quines performance I attended was at the National Portrait Gallery. It was a gorgeous production that joined together fine art, beautiful writing and the lives and voices of women. Since then I’ve followed the work of Stellar Quines closely: seeing as many of their plays as time and money would allow.

As I was learning about the Quines, I was also working professionally in the theatre industry – as Administration and Communications Co-ordinator at Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland and then in the Development Team at The Lyceum. Both of these companies have been important to my professional development and have shown me how organisations of different kinds operate. I am ambitious, and keen to be continually developing my skills and learning. Joining a board seemed like the next step that I could realistically aspire to. I felt strongly that being a board member would increase my ability to think strategically and improve my understanding of the governance of organisations. I was also hopeful that I could find a company whose work I was passionate about: a company that I could wholeheartedly advocate for. Then the Board Pioneer role at Stellar Quines was advertised. The opportunity to join a board before the age of thirty is quite rare and, frankly, I jumped at the chance.

As I write this, The Lover is rehearsing down the corridor from my office in The Lyceum. In the room, there is an early-career, female sound designer called Zakia Fawcett who is shadowing the production’s sound designer in order to gain experience and to develop her skills. From the creative team on their productions to the board that governs their company, Stellar Quines are embodying their vision to inspire excellence in women and girls. I am delighted to be on their board.

Image: Mirrorbox