Adela Martinez – behind the scenes at the auditions

My behind the scenes view of audition day.

During the last 2 weeks, I had the opportunity to go back to Glasgow for the Stellar Quines/Grid Iron auditions for Bingo!

Bingo! Is a new comedy musical that has been written by Johnny McKnight and Anita Vettese. It’s very funny – so I’m looking forward to the auditions and meeting the actors.

I arrived on the first Monday morning at the UK theatre school in Glasgow. My role was to wait for the actors and take them to the studio. It was lovely to see again some of the actors I met in the first rehearsal. I knew which character some of them were auditioning for but not everyone.

I enjoyed being the first point of contact for the actors. It’s interesting to see how they all get ready. Some of them run over their lines, others warm up their voice. It’s easy to see how stressed they are and that’s normal, I’m pretty sure they’ve all been working a lot to be ready for this audition. But it’s part of the profession.

What I also enjoyed was to see them after their performance because they all looked really happy with what they’d done (or perhaps just happy to be done?).

The next Monday was a bit different, this was when the recalled actors came for a second audition. The day had an unexpected start as due to travel issues there was a delay so I had arrived 2 hours early but I used this time to play some piano, a blessing in disguise. People started arriving at 11 and I knew all of them so it was nice to see who had been recalled. Now, I’m excited to know who has been chosen.

I really hope to be able to come back and see the Bingo! next year.