Hannah Forsyth joins the Young Women Lead Project

We are so excited that our Company Administrator, Hannah Forsyth has been selected to join the Young Women Lead leadership group. Initiated by Young Women’s Movement Scotland this inspiring group of young women will come together to discuss current issues and empower young women to encourage change.

Here is the first of what will be a regular series of articles from Hannah on her experience as part of the group:

When you hear the words “Parliamentary Committee”, what do you think of? My mind immediately runs to lots of people in suits and the word “honourable” being thrown around a lot. It’s fair to say that even in Scotland, politics has some work to do in terms of connecting with young people. And this is exactly what the YWCA are aiming to improve with their new leadership scheme. Young Women Lead is a brand new project aimed at connecting young women in Scotland with their political representatives.

I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the scheme, and spent a fascinating day in the Scottish Parliament and Meadowbank meeting my fellow participants and learning more about the scheme. One of the first things we did was take a tour of the Scottish Parliament Building in Holyrood, which is packed full of contributions from inspirational women such as Shauna McMullan’s Travelling the Distance mural (see image). The entire building has been designed to emphasize openness and honesty in politics, and members of the public are encouraged to follow Parliamentary events in person and online.

After a hearty lunch, we all convened in St Margaret’s House, HQ of YWCA at Meadowbank, to decide what we wanted to gain from this scheme. It was really exciting to hear from other women from all across Scotland (there was an entire Highlands and Islands contingent) and by the end of the afternoon we had produced plans for how we would like the ideal committee to run, what it would look like and what sort of things it would discuss. Encouraging young people to participate in politics is more important than ever, and I’m very excited to see where Young Women Lead will take us in 2018.

All that remained after that was to take part in some glow in the dark yoga (I cannot recommend it enough) and make sure we were all signed up for updates on the scheme.

If you want to see what we got up to or where we’re headed next, use #ScotWomenRise or follow @youngwomenscot