Hannah becomes our Green Champion!

Last week Hannah, our Company Administrator, became our Green Champion and attended her first Creative Carbon Scotland Conference. Read on to find out the latest updates on becoming an environmentally friendly theatre world.

As I’m still fairly new to Stellar Quines, I didn’t really know what to expect from this particular conference but I was amazed by the breadth of sustainable activity in our sector. There were talks on everything from how to meet international standards of environmental compliance to how homemade knitted props have reduced the carbon impact of a production. One particular highlight was seeing how enthusiastic everyone was at the prospect of adopting local theatre bees – the Lyceum bee hive project may have started off a viral trend of bee adoption across Scotland!

One of the most important parts of the day was a reminder from Adaptation Scotland about the consequences of climate change and how our environment stands to change. It was a helpful reminder that committing to sustainability is more than simply checking boxes, it’s making sure that how we operate doesn’t damage our environment for future generations. I certainly went home with a new network of sustainable companies and exciting plans to make Stellar Quines even more sustainable in the future.


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