Bingo! Week three with the Quines.

Meet Adela who is spending a few months with us here at Stellar Quines as an intern. We asked her to share with you some of her experiences while working with the Quines. Last week was very interesting for her…

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Glasgow to assist with the rehearsals of the new production of Stellar Quines and Grid Iron.

As I hadn’t been to Glasgow, I went the day before to visit the city. I’ve heard some bad critics about the city before I went but I was agreeably surprised. It’s a lively city with a lot to see and so much to do. I’ve been visiting the University, Kelvingrove, the Gallery of Modern Art and it was lovely.

But let’s focus on the next day.

Bingo!, the new comedy musical of Stellar Quines & Grid Iron, is about gambling, the power of the money, relationships that can exist between a mother and her daughter, but also between everyone in a community. What I’ve loved about the text is (even if I didn’t get every joke because of my frenglish) it was really funny. Each character is endearing in its own way. I’ve been doing a lot of first reading at the Academy in Belgium, but being part of a rehearsal of an original play with professionals is really different.

Maybe I’m a little bit too impressionable but even for a first time, I’ve found it brilliant.

Check back soon for more thoughts from Adela on her time with the Quines.

Bingo! is a new comedy musical, written by Johnny McKnight & Anita Vettesse presented by Stellar Quines and Grid Iron and will be touring from March 2018.