Adela Martinez – My time with the Quines

Meet Adela who is spending a few months with us here at Stellar Quines as an intern. We asked her to share why she wanted to come and work with the Quines. 

My name is…

My name is Adela Martinez. I’m 18 years old and I come from a small town in the South of Belgium. I’ve just finished High School and I’ve been studying drama since I was 11.

A few years ago, I decided to start studying drama as a profession but first, I wanted to take a year off to work in the theatre area, take time to make sure that’s what I want, meet people already working in this sector and also prepare my audition for the theatre school (I already have nightmares about it).

Lucky me, my parents have always been supporting me to do what makes me happy and for now, nothing makes me more enthusiastic than theatre.

Taking a year off also meant the opportunity to travel, to improve my English and above all meet people sharing my interest in drama. So, I started to search for a theatre company that would have been happy to welcome me as a volunteer. I have been sending e-mails for months and most of the answers were negatives. Until one day, I find two who were ready to give me a chance, Strange Town first and then Stellar Quines. I was really excited to have the opportunity to work with both.

So, I’m actually working with Strange Town as a volunteer assistant in some primary schools for after school drama sessions in parallel with Stellar Quines.

Now I’m really proud to be part of this. First of all because Stellar Quines propose a theater of quality managed by women. I have not yet had the opportunity to see one of their productions but all I’ve heard is positive.

I was also happily surprised that their next production is none other than an adaptation of a French novel.

I arrived in Edinburgh with no specific work expectation, what I wanted most of all was learn by realizing several tasks that will afford me to fully understand the various aspects of this profession.

As soon as I met Rebecca, she explained to me all the things I was going to do during my internship. I felt really comfortable because she immediately made me feel useful, which was what I needed.

The hardest thing when you come to work and live in a city, a country you don’t know isn’t the language but (in my opinion) it’s the people and how they make you feel comfortable.

Stellar Quines give me the opportunity to meet actors, writers, directors and a lot more people making theatre happen.

Check back soon for more thoughts from Adela and her time with the Quines.