The Young Women’s Movement publishes impact report

What has the past year looked like for The Young Women’s Movement? What difference have they made? Read the 2015-16 highlights and the Movement’s focus for the year ahead in this new report.

This year The Young Women’s Movement piloted the Status of Young Women in Scotland report (SYWS): a pioneering piece of research into the effect that their gender has on the lives of Scotland’s young women. The report responded to a gap in research broken down by age, gender and geography, and an especial lack of research highlighting young women’s voices on their experiences.

Almost all participants offered examples of gender equality affecting their lives across more than one area: it is clear that gender equality forms a considerable barrier to Scotland’s young women.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wrote in her foreword to SYWS:
‘Research such as the Status of Young Women in Scotland is important as it shines a light on the issues still facing young women in Scotland and where we must do more to make sure they can maximise their potential.’