Stellar Quine of the Month: Dani Rae

Stellar Quine of the Month: Dani Rae

How would you describe your current work and what do you like best about it?
I’m a freelance producer as part of the Creative Scotland Producer Project. I love that being part of the project, means that I am able to take time to support artists and producers at the beginning of their process, before they have the money. I love helping artists get their work in front of audiences.

What was your first ever job?
When I was 14, my Mum ran a pub in Cumbria and I waitressed for her at weekends. I loved it. And when I turned 18 I became a rather adept bar person. Pubs are a great place to learn about people and it instilled a level of customer service in me for life.

What made you decide to become a Producer?
I worked for the Festival Fringe Society as a liaison to the industry – I was giving advice on how to tour your work after the Fringe, connecting festivals and venues to shows and performers with directors etc. I felt that I should go and prove that the advice I was giving was good.

Has there been a particular person or an opportunity that you feel has made the most difference to your career?
I think my family, none of whom work in the arts, have helped me become the person I am and the producer I am. They’ve supported my drive to remain in this industry even when I’ve been at my most skint. Not only have they supported me, they’ve respected me and that’s astoundingly empowering.

What do you like the best about working within the arts?
The people. We’re a really supportive and giving sector. With the support of my colleagues I’ve been able to navigate becoming a working parent without feeling like I’ve let anyone down, my daughter or my job.

What advice would you give emerging female producers today?
Learn by doing, and ask for help and guidance when you need it. Try to work on projects that excite you, as those are the ones you’ll do your best for and as such learn more from.

Who would be your Stellar Quine of the month and why?
I’ve started to answer this 3 separate times now. First I answered with the 3 women I always said I wanted to be when I grow up (Kath Mainland, Tessa Peppiette and Faith Liddell), then with my brilliant pal and colleague Miriam Attwood who constantly shows that so much is doable in a week… but I think I’ve settled on the excellent and undersung Rosie Kellagher. Rosie is Literary Associate at the Traverse. She is probably the most intelligent person I’ve ever known – she articulates her thinking with wit and style, is constantly impressive with the spectrum of her knowledge of the sector (and beyond, my word that woman knows her trivia) and is definitely one of my favourite people to share a swally with.

Dani Rae was Associate Producer for Stellar Quines’ and Edinburgh International Book Festival’s production of The View From Castle Rock.

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