The Fair Intellectual Club – Radio Four Recordings

The first of two recordings of new scripts of The Fair Intellectual Club by Lucy Porter featuring new adventures with our three young ladies took place at The Scottish Storytelling Centre on Sunday 24 January. The original cast of Caroline Deyga, Jessica Hardwick and Samar MacLaren, were joined by Gordon Kennedy, Simon Donaldson and Gus Brown.

Directed by Marilyn Imrie, the young ladies entertained the packed house as they met German composer, Friedrich Handel and satirical artist William Hogarth.

A second recoding session is scheduled for Sunday 31st January at 7.30pm at The Scottish Storytelling Centre. Tickets are currently sold out but there may be returns during the week or on the day so please check with their box office.
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The six episodes for BBC Radio Four will be broadcast later this year. Produced by Absolutely Productions.

The original production of The Fair Intellectual Club was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2104 at the Assembly Room, and was followed by a tour in Spring 2015 produced in association with Stellar Quines.