#tremblaytrilogy FAQs

Do I need to see the Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy plays in order?

    • The simple answer is no. Each play picks up themes from the others and the stories are interconnected, but each can be appreciated on their own and in any order. We scheduled the plays so that you can see each one in order over 2 days, but if this doesn’t fit with your Fringe schedule don’t be put off by shaking it up and seeing them in the order that suits you. Ashleigh More from Edfringe.com Public Reviews says – “what I love about this trilogy is that the plays make sense within themselves. Although I hadn’t seen the first one I did not feel lost starting from the second play. Beattie Made the piece flow so naturally even with the challenge of involving other characters who are not present on stage. Brilliant piece of theatre.”

I only have time to see one play – can I see one without the others?

  • Yes. Each play is a powerful piece of theatre in its own right and as Rob Drummond recently said – if you see one without the others you won’t feel you are missing anything, but if you have seen any of the others you will pick up elements which are like little treats. We can’t promise you won’t see one and then want to see the others though, as Gareth Davies from The Public Reviews wrote “Despite being part three of a trilogy, it is far from necessary to have experienced the previous chapters to appreciate and enjoy this self-contained family vignette – conversely, knowing how the saga ends may leave you craving to know more about the earlier episodes.”

Which one of the three would you recommend?

  • Well that’s tricky because we would recommend all 3! We suggest you read through the information for each The List, The Carousel and The Deliverance; watch the trails and feedback and see which one appeals most to you. Everyone has their personal favourite for different reasons. The List and The Carousel are on alternate days at 12.20 and The Deliverance is on at 2pm each day, so also see what fits with your schedule. It’s easy to fit in two with a spot of lunch in between.

I’ve decided I’d like to see all three but my budget is really tight..?

  • We have the answer – buy Full Price tickets to all three parts of the Trilogy in one transaction to access a special trilogy ticket offer of £33 for all 3 plays – that’s only £11 per performance which is cheaper than some previews. This offer is only available from Assembly Festival Box Offices. We also advertise limited runs of 2for1 ticket offers and Half Price Hut deals on Facebook and Twitter so keep your eye out for those. Shows are also available 2for1 to all Friends of the Fringe.

How long are you on for?

  • Our last day is the 31st August with performances of The Carousel and The Deliverance and we started on the 6th, so the full Fringe run with 5 days off (that’s 43 performances for Maureen over 3 weeks!). Getting your head round the trilogy schedule can be a little confusing, but the basics are: The List and The Carousel are on alternate days at 12.20 and The Deliverance is on at 2pm each day.

We hope the above might help you with your busy Fringe schedules. Please do contact us if there’s anything else you’d like to know – info@stellarquines.co.uk @Stellarquines.

We look forward to seeing you during the Fringe!