What people are saying about The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy…

Trilogy Feedback

What a well crafted & powerful conclusion to #TremblayTrilogy by @Stellarquines was today! When acted this well, no tricks needed. #edfringe

Jennifer #TremblayTrilogy by @Stellarquines, brilliantly performed by Maureen Beattie – extremely powerful theatre, beautifully written.

Gillian – edfringe.com Public Reviews (The List)

“After seeing this I immediately booked tickets for Parts 2 and 3. Deeply moving but told with plenty of humour, this play will make you both laugh and cry. The set is simple yet highly effective and Maureen Beattie’s delivery is clear and captivating.”

Ashleigh More – edfringe.com Public Reviews (The Carousel)

“What I love about this trilogy is that the plays make sense within themselves. Although I hadn’t seen the first one I did not feel lost starting from the second play. Beattie made the piece flow so naturally even with the challenge of involving other characters who are not present on stage. Brilliant piece of theatre.”

Ailie Crerar – edfringe.com Public Reviews (The Deliverance)

“An insightful and honest look into family and romantic relationships, delivered with a raw emotion that I have, as yet, not seen matched, all in the perfectly fitting setting of Assembly Roxy. A real gem.”