First trilogy of Scotsman Fringe Firsts for the Fringe

Stellar Quines are delighted that The Deliverance, the final play in Jennifer Tremblay’s powerful and evocative trilogy, translated by Shelley Tepperman and starring Maureen Beattie, has been awarded a Scotsman Fringe First for best new writing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In a unique move by The Scotsman they have presented one of their prestigious Fringe First Awards to every one of a trilogy of plays; The List in 2012, The Carousel in 2014 and The Deliverance in 2015, all written by the Quebec playwright Jennifer Tremblay, produced by Stellar Quines and starring Maureen Beattie.

Muriel Romanes Artistic Director of Stellar Quines and Director of The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy said:

“The List, The Carousel and The Deliverance have all been created by the same talented team. The three Fringe First Awards are a well-deserved recognition of their consistent commitment to quality and a very special shared experience. They are also down to the magnificence of Maureen Beattie, the extraordinary, poetic writing of Jennifer Tremblay and Shelly Tepperman’s exquisite translation.”

The three plays, being performed together for the first time in one programme at Assembly Roxy at this year’s Fringe, follow the journey of a woman on a path of discovery about her past, her family and herself. They are deeply moving, shocking and poignant in equal measure and demand intense performances from the solo cast member, the acclaimed actress Maureen Beattie.

The trilogy has maintained a consistent high quality in production and design, retaining its creative team – set and costume design by Scottish artist and playwright John Byrne, lighting from Jeanine Byrne, sound by Philip Pinsky and direction by Stellar Quines Artistic Director, Muriel Romanes.

Maureen Beattie will perform all three plays in one day on 17 August 2015 – The List: 1220 / The Carousel: 1400 / The Deliverance: 1540.