Stellar Quine of the Month: Selma Dimitrijevic

How would you describe your current job and what do you like best about it?

I run a touring theatre company based in Newcastle. We are usually either in the rehearsal room or on the road. At the moment we have three shows on the go and I’m trying to get everyone in the same place at least for a day, so fingers crossed. It’s an indecent amount of fun, doing this job, even the sitting in the office bit. One day there is absolutely nothing and then you sit for a bit with some other people and think things up. A year later there is a gang of 10 traveling around the country, singing and dancing, meeting new people and talking about politics – what’s not to like about that?

What was your first ever job?

I played professional volleyball. We didn’t make huge amounts of money, but we were in a different city every other week and a tour bus is an awesome place to grow up.

What was the contact/opportunity/job offer that you feel has made the most difference to your career?

Meeting Phyllis Nagy in Bochum in 1999 did something interesting to my thinking. She told me about writers I’ve never heard of and kept telling me – on a daily basis – to stop being so pretentious. She can also gamble like no one else I’ve ever met.
Meeting David MacLennan in Glasgow in 2005. He gave me my first writing and later my first directing job in this country. I still can’t quite believe that is not here anymore.
Meeting Lorne Campbell in Edinburgh 2007. Without him there would be no Greyscale, or me as a director. We have loaned him to Northern Stage for a bit just now, but will be expecting him to come back at some point.

What’s the biggest opportunity that you missed or wished you had taken up but didn’t?

I still wonder what would have happened if I had seriously pursued being a volleyball coach – as both of my parents were. I bet it wouldn’t be that different from what I’m doing now.

What has been your favourite theatre production?

Right now, its Kim Noble’s YOU’RE NOT ALONE. That man is a genius.
Next week it will be something else.

What do you like the best about working in theatre?

The stage. And the people. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being in a band.

What do you like the best about being a director?

Having to think five steps ahead of everyone else.

What advice would you give emerging female practitioners in theatre today?

Have fun. Don’t be afraid to tell people to f*** off.

Who would your Stellar Quine of the month be and why?

If I could, I’d make Sophie Stone, my Quine of the Year. She is a fascinating actress, amazing mother, first deaf student to win a place at RADA and all together an awesome human being. It seems there is very little this woman can’t do. Every time I see her, she looks like she is about to make some mischief, and I’m sure she does.

Her new show Woman of Flowers is touring until 1st of November and everyone should go and see it. Everyone.

Selma Dimitrijevic is Artistic Director of Greyscale theatre who with Dundee Rep Ensemble are currently producing an all female cast in The Gamblers, in association with Stellar Quines and Northern Stage.

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