The Carousel reviews – hot off the press

Hot off the press…Here’s what the press are saying about The Carousel.

5 stars – EdinburghGuide 

“The voices of three generations – grandmother, mother and daughter – are given breath in this poignant and emotional story by stellar actor, Maureen Beattie.”

4 stars – Edinburgh Evening News

“Tremblay’s script is a cleverly constructed piece”

4 stars – The List

“Second play in Jennifer Tremblay’s trilogy is triumphant torrent of emotion at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe”

4 stars – Exeunt

“Like the carousel rides which segment the text, the same faces come round and round again, and patterns repeat. Keeping up with this ornately structured play is dizzying, but resolves in a justifying surge of euphoric joy.”

4 stars – Across the Arts

“Maureen Beattie is consistently outstanding in her performance of a flawed but compelling woman, and her performance echoes in the mind long after the curtain has come down.”

4 stars – The Times

“a stunning turn from Maureen Beattie”

4 stars – The Scotsman

“in Maureen Beattie, Tremblay’s beautiful stage poem finds a performer who can conjure up all the faces of woman evoked in The Carousel…”

4 stars – The Herald

“There’s an exquisite artfulness about Romanes’ production that takes it beyond the words of Shelley Tepperman’s translation, however rich they may be.
Flanked by John Byrne’s ornate set and bathed in the near-holy glow of Jeanine Byrne’s lighting, both elements conspire to make something exquisite. Its heart, however, remains in Beattie’s performance, a magnificent mix of the fragile, the vulnerable and the tower of strength she must be as she finds the most troubling of enlightenments.”

3 stars – The Skinny

“Beattie…skips around the stage going from tears to laughter in a matter of minutes. Those expressive blue eyes stay visually marked in one’s mind long after darkness has settled in the Traverse Theatre.”

3 stars – The Guardian

“Beattie is superb, bringing all the characters vividly alive with a gutsy, sometimes fragile intensity…”

3 stars – The Telegraph

“the vibrancy of Beattie’s performance is never less than spellbinding.”

3 stars – British Theatre Guide

“Under the expert direction of Muriel Romanes for Scottish company Stellar Quines, Maureen Beattie gives a performance that is likely to get on to awards shortlists…”