Audience feedback from Untaught to Shine

We asked the audiences that attended the two evening performances of Untaught to Shine for their feedback on the work, the experience and the venue. Here is a selection of their comments:

“Fabulous, celebratory, thought provoking, fun and great venue.”

“I loved it! Each piece was interesting, unique, moving and very memorable. I would love to see more of this kind of work.”

“I really enjoyed this, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was brilliant. I love the female empowerment message. All the performances were excellent!”

“Very inspiring, thought provoking. The girls in Nigeria came to mind, kidnapped by a group who don’t believe women should be educated in 2014.”

“Personal, funny, touching, emotive, wonderful, a total joy!”

“Absolutely wonderful, amazing experience. Loved everything about it; wonderful concept and great actors.”

“Great idea – let’s have more!”

“Excellent performances – so interesting. Would be a great performance at schools to remind young girls of the amazing women of the past whose shoulders we stand on.”

“Really enjoyed it! More promenade shows in public buildings! More shows promoting equality!
Very good. Great use of a great space. More in here.”

“Wonderful to see so much talent and ideas in one night. More of this!”

“Really inspirational – moving.”

“Well done! It was brilliant. A stellar performance.”

“Brilliant to support such new creative artists! Please continue.”

“Excellent evening and venue.”

“I love the promenade experience. Brilliant venue and brilliant concept. If this can be done in 3 months on a small budget, who needs big productions? Not me.”

“Wonderful, evocative, new meaning to promenade experience due to the magnificent setting.”

“I felt privileged to be in such a powerful historical setting and there was an intimacy to the experience.”

“The performances and setting – stunning.”

“Please keep providing opportunities for emerging women artists. Thank you!”

There were some comments on the sound problems due to the setting and quite a few people asked why there were only two performances. We are pleased, however, that for a first attempt at a site specific project on a small budget in such a magnificent building the majority of the experiences were positive and encouraging. Thanks to everyone who took time to engage with us. It really helps us for future projects. Thanks also to everyone at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery that helped make this happen.

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