Stellar Quine of the Month: Marilyn Imrie

Marilyn Imrie

How long have you been associated with Stellar Quines?
I have been an ardent fan and supporter since the start in the 1990s

Apart from being the Chair of Stellar Quines’ board, what else do you do?
I am a freelance audio drama, theatre, voice over and animation director. I also teach short courses in techniques in audio drama at various drama colleges.

What was your first job?
Singing in pubs for money.

What was the first contact or opportunity that made a big difference in your career?
Singing in pubs and meeting the folk singer Archie Fisher.

What was the biggest opportunity you missed or wished you taken?
I never regret missed opportunities; there’s always another one coming along.

In Stellar Quine’s next show The List, the main character is an obsessive list maker. Do you make lists?
I do. And I make lists of lists I need to make. Then I lose them, or find them and can’t make sense of them anymore. But I still do it.

What’s your most memorable moment in theatre?
Seeing Ninegawa’s Medea at the Edinburgh Festival in the open air, when Medea reared up in a massive crane 100 feet above the audience raining curses down up on us all. And [if I‘m allowed two!] standing at the back of the old Fruitmarket in Edinburgh when a collective which I was a part of opened The Great Northern Welly Boot Show with Tom Mcgrath, Billy Connolly, Bill Paterson, Alex Norton and stripper Brandy de Frank , on John Byrne’s set, to a rapturous audience, while I held at bay the Edinburgh constabulary and fire departments, who, seconds before the show went up, had threatened to close us down. Eventually, they too were enthralled.

What’s your favourite play?
The Cherry Orchard… “Goodbye old house, goodbye old life……”

What advice would you give to new and emerging women in Scottish theatre?
Form supportive groups, give due consideration to old as well as new ideas, remember that for many women who don’t come regularly to the theatre, it is about entertainment and a good night out. So always entertain them.

Who would your Stellar Quines of the month be?
Marcella Evaristi, who has been an inspiring, lightheartedly clever, inventive, trail blazing , wonderfully witty playwright in and beyond Scotland for over thirty years and overcome many personal challenges to continue doing so, while being the mother of two of Scotland’s brightest young stars in the worlds of visual art and theatre. And Una Maclean who at eighty can still draw a round of rapturous applause from an audience with just a backward glance and the killer delivery of a line.

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