Survey: Gender Equality in Scottish Theatre

Stellar Quines is now 18 years old and we like to think we are exhibiting some of the most attractive characteristics of a young adult – we’re inquisitive, challenging and argumentative!

At such a critical stage in our development we are keen to ask some searching questions of the people who have been part of our early years and those who have not.

We need to prepare ourselves for the future and test if our initial core values are still relevant today.

Please contribute to our research. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete, although if you would like to contribute further or continue with the conversation then please make use of our Facebook page to post thoughts or contact our independent researcher for a conversation at or 07947 327 764.

All completed surveys will be entered into our PRIZE DRAW to win an “Age of Arousal Kit” in honour of our latest production. This will include a medley of items to stimulate your mind, body and soul. Including (but don’t hold us to this list):

  • A selection of chocolate goodies from The Chocolate Tree – purveyors of fine handmade organic chocolates.
  • Copy of Age of Arousal script and a limited edition poster of the show.
  • For creative stimulation a “Knit Your Own Pig” Kit
  • For an intellectual work out a copy of “How to be a Women” by Caitlin Moran or “How To Spot a Psycopath” by Jon Ronson
  • A packet of Strong Coffee
  • Vitamin B (the energy vitamin)
  • Alarm Clock
  • A days supply of Viagra (Joke. We can’t give away perscription drugs in a prize)
  • And finally a Limited Edition Christine Lagarde Mouse Mat….if she gets selected as Head of the IMF….

Complete now to be in the running for this super prize (or if you just want to have your say on gender equality in Scottish theatre)!