Stellar Quines is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and the work we produce and tour.

In particular, the company will achieve this by taking action in the following areas:

Policies & Operations

  • Stellar Quines will monitor and evaluate all staff journeys and encourage the use of public transport where possible. This includes journeys linked with our touring productions undertaken by cast, creative team members and crew.
  • From data collected we will calculate and evaluate the company’s annual carbon footprint.
  • As tenants in a large building Stellar Quines will work with the organisation who owns the building to monitor and reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the company’s office.

Suppliers & Equipment

  • Where possible Stellar Quines will work with suppliers that have a robust environmental policy in place.
  • Any new equipment the company purchases will be as energy efficient as possible.


  • Stellar Quines will invest in digital and online methods to communicate with audiences.
  • The company will encourage all subscribers to opt into email, e-newsltter and social media communication in preference to paper mailouts.
  • Stellar Quines will use local printers and all publicity will be printed on sustainable paper.
  • Printed material will include an encouragement to recycle it.


  • Where possible the most environmentally friendly mode of transport will be used for any journey attached to a touring production.
  • Cast and crew are responsible for organising their accommodation while on tour. Stellar Quines will however encourage the use of environmentally friendly accommodation where possible.
  • Where possible all old sets will be reused, stored or recycled.

Working with artists

  • Stellar Quines will encourage all creative team members to be as environmentally friendly as possible when working on any of the company’s productions or projects such as sourcing materials locally.

Working with Venues & Audiences

  • Where possible Stellar Quines will tour to venues that have a robust environmental policy in place.
  • Stellar Quines will work with venues to encourage more audiences per mile by highlighting car sharing options etc.


  • All Stellar Quines staff take responsibility for adhering to the company’s environmental policy. In addition, one member of staff will be allocated overall responsibility for implementing and the ongoing monitoring of this policy.
  • The company’s environmental policy will be made available to all new members of staff and freelance staff and we will involve them in our environmental programme.

Stellar Quines will regularly review the environmental impact of our activities and engage all members of staff and the Board in this review.